Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a some of our most frequently asked questions. We know this list is not all inclusive but we think it will help answer some of questions you may have about our services and policies. Please free to give us a call if you need further explanation or if a question you have is not on the list.

Why Choose Ocean State House Cleaning?

  • •Our office staff is available during normal business hours to assist you.
    •We can customize our services to meet your needs.
    •Our maids will bring everything they need to clean your home or we can use your cleaning supplies and equipment if you prefer.
    •Very affordable prices.(our prices are up to 40% less than franchised maid services while our services are just as good and in many cases better)
    •Guaranteed consistent service.

How many maids come to clean my home?

In most cases we will send a team of 2-3 maids.

Do you run background checks on your maids?

Yes! We check all applicants against records in the Rhode Island court system to make sure they have no history of criminal behavior and we also check records nationwide. Our maids are dedicated, conscientious and trustworthy individuals. Any individual with a background that includes theft, dishonesty, drug use or violent behavior is automatically excluded as a potential maid.

Why are your prices so much lower than other companies I have called? Does this mean your service is inferior or that you cut corners?

We are not a franchise and therefore have no franchise fees or royalties that must be paid every month like the local franchises do. This allows us to set much more reasonable prices than the local franchises. We have no corporate office dictating to us how to run our business or telling us where and how to advertise, what supplies we must buy, ect. This allows us much more freedom in forming our rate structure. Not only that, but when you chose a locally owned business over a franchise, more of your hard-earned dollars stay within the local community which helps the local economy.

Who provides the cleaning supplies and equipment such as vacuums and mops?

We can provide everything needed or you may provide your own equipment and supplies if you prefer.

How do I pay my cleaning team?

You can pay by credit card, check written out to Ocean State House Cleaning or cash. Payment is expected to be left for us when your cleaning team arrives to clean. If payment is not left for us we reserve the right to cancel your cleaning and charge you a lock-out fee. You can avoid a lock-out fee by leaving a credit card on file with us in case you forget to leave out payment.

What if I need to cancel my cleaning?

Please be considerate of your cleaning team. Many of our house cleaners are the main breadwinners for their family. A last minute cancelation without notice can have a profound effect on their family budget for the week. If you must postpone or cancel a scheduled service please notify us at least two (2) business days in advance. This will allow us the opportunity to find your cleaning team other work. If you are unable to give a two (2) business day notice (Mon-Fri), there will be a $25.00 charge.

What happens if I am not happy with my cleaning?

We offer a 100% guarantee on our services. If you are not happy with your service, please call within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will come out the next day to re-clean any areas you are unhappy with. In order for our 100% guarantee to remain in effect for your cleaning it is essential that you call us within 24 hrs of your cleaning if you are not satisfied. You must also allow us access to the home within 48hrs of the time of the original cleaning so that we can re-clean any areas of concern. If you do not contact us in the allotted time, or do not allow us access to the home to re-clean any areas of concern, then our 100% guarantee will be voided. Please understand that we have these policies in place to protect both our clients and our company. We do place your satisfaction in our services as a top priority.

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